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About Us

Who We Are

Our Story

The Playhouse was born when I started taking care of children when my daughter was a toddler. We explored the neighborhood and beyond together. I loved spending time with the children and later decided to grow the Playhouse by finding it a dedicated space. Since 2017 the Greenpoint Garden Playhouse, GGP for short, has provided care to many children in the neighborhood. Our space and program are constantly evolving to accompany the many wonderful and unique children who come to us each year, but we maintain our focus on nature and exploration as well as our commitment to provide quality care. We serve up to 16 children aged 2 years and up.  

Kasia Kaim-Goncalves, Founder/Director

Why People Choose Us

Play-based Environment

Children are explorers by nature. Our program provides an environment that includes a variety of materials for the children to learn and have the opportunity to ask questions. Playing is the child’s job and we believe it is the organic way of learning.


No matter the weather, we encourage the children to go outside and explore nature through it’s changing seasons. We are lucky to have a beautiful backyard space and we take full advantage of the multiple playgrounds around us.

Excellence - Quality Stars NY

GGP is the only program member of QualityStarsNY in our zip code, a voluntary state initiative which strives to improve education for children 0-5. Young children in participating programs have access to excellence and their families can trust the level of quality in the programs they choose. More info: 

Meet Our staff

Kasia Kaim-Goncalves


Kasia is originally from Poland, but has lived in Greenpoint for many years. She has been working with young children since 2009, both in the neighborhood as well as in an international setting. Kasia loves camping, being outdoors and traveling, all in the great company of her family and friends.  Kasia is a momma to a tree-climbing explorer and a loving home buddy as well as a wife to a fellow nature lover. She holds a BA in Classics from CUNY Baccalaureate Program and is currently pursuing a MS in Early Childhood Education from the renowned Erikson Institute. 

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